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Monday, August 22, 2011


There is probably nothing more important and more significant in identifying a company than it’s logo. The logo is the single most important tool in establishing the company’s image and creating the brand. It is the symbol, the icon that represents the entity, it is the face that goes with the name.
To be effective, logos must contain several qualities, not the least of which is about being less. In good logo design “less is more,” and simpler is definitley better. It is important that the viewer know  immediately what they  are looking at. The image cannot be overly elaborate or confusing. The viewer must first know what it is if we want him to remember what it represents.
Speaking of remembering, the logo needs to be memorable so it is quickly recognized with each exposure. Distinctive images that stand the test of time work best. This is not to say that the design must be contemporary or “modern.” “Retro” images can be very effective as long as they are universally recognizable. “Retro” images can elicit fond memories in the viewer,  a fondness that can carry over to the company represented by the image.
It goes without saying that the logo must be appropriate to its purpose. While the use of animal graphics would make sense for a per store or vet, it would make no sense for an attorney or car dealer. Unless of course the attorney specialized in personal injury cases or the car dealer was named “Lion Motors.” 
Logo designs should always strive to be original. Of course it’s impossible to know what every other company’s logo looks like, but it is never good to intentionally copy other’s logos, particulary if they are very recognizable or popular. Legal ramifications aside, the practice will definitely hurt your company’s credibility.

Needless to say, a logo should be eye catching. Clever and interesting carry the day, and boring is just plain boring. And the interest must transcend just the use of color, because a good logo must read and maintain its identity in a single color and in black and white. Symbols and designs that have layers of meaning or can be interpreted in multiple ways, are usually interesting and can be very effective.

Logos very often include the company name, but it is not a requirement. It is a requirement that the logo is easily recognized and immediately illicits a recollection of the name even when the name is not a part of that logo. 


I - Intelligible
M - Memorable
A - Appropriate
G - Genuine
E - Eye Catching
Quote  of the day: “About the time we can make the ends meet, somebody moves the ends.“ Herbert Hoover 

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