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Monday, August 22, 2011


If the logo represents a snapshot of the image of the company, then the slogan represents a snapshot of the company message. An effective slogan can not only say a lot about the company, but can be a valuable tool in building the brand. Much like logos where “less is more” and simplicity is better than complexity, the best slogans are “short and sweet.” The trick is saying a whole lot but with very few words. 

Much like an effective company name, the slogan needs to say what the company does, and how it does it, hopefully peaking interest in the how, and inviting further investigation. The unique selling proposition, otherwise known as the reason why your company is different and better than everone else is of tantamount importance. It’s very important to avoid platitudes like  “Town’s Best Plumbers,” or “Service with a Smile,” yet still convey the message that you are the best, or at least the best choice, and that your service is freindly and professional.

Much like good logos, the  best slogans are clever and original, but don’t let being cute take away from the message. Again, don’t copy or even paraphrase another company’s slogan, especially if it is well known. How good can you really be, if you can’t even come up with an original slogan?

Some examples of slogans that do a whuping good job:

Nantucket Tourist Board: Some People Only Live This Way Two Weeks a Year! We Deliver Everything But the Baby
Miami PD Bomb Squad: If You See Us Running, Catch Up!
Castrol: It’s More Than Just Oil Your Calling is Calling An Evil Plot to Destroy the World. Enjoy.
Farnham Associates: Brand Out from the Crowd.

W - What You Do
H - How You Do It
U - Unique Selling Proposition
P - Peaks Interest
I - Invites Further Investigation
Quote  of the day: “The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.”  Winston Churchill

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